Stoichiometry Sandwiches

Stoichiometry Sandwiches / Chemistry /Grades 9-12 / Advance Personalized Learning 

Stoichiometry is often regarded as difficult and un-motivating.  However, stoichiometry is essential in understanding how much "stuff" is needed for a chemical reaction. Stoichiometry can easily be related to recipes used for cooking. This module presents an alternative way to teach stoichiometry that relates to daily life and the students' can eat the sandwiches too!! 

Below are the materials for this module.
Module Write-Up
Module Hand-out
Module Evaluation 

Materials Needed (8 Groups of 4)

  • One Pack of Ritz Crackers
  • Head of Lettuce
  • Pack of Sliced Cheese
  • Two Packs of Lunch Meat