Workshop: How to Integrate Hands-on, Inquiry-based Projects into School District of Philadelphia Math and Science Curriculum (May 19th)

May 19, 2015
8:30 am-11:30 am
(breakfast & lunch will be provided)
Please register by Monday, May 11th

Drexel University
Bossone Research Enterprise Center
3120-40 Market Street
3rd Floor Atrium

Parking will be available in the Drexel Parking structure at 34th and Ludlow (between Market and Chestnut). Please, note the number of the spot you parked in and notify the attendant in the Parking Office on 34th and Market as well as let them know that you are on-campus for the GK-12 Professional Development Workshop 


The National Science Foundation GK-12 program at Drexel University in the College of Engineering titled "Catalyzing STEM Education via the NAE Grand Challenges" pairs graduate students from the College of Engineering at Drexel with School District of Philadelphia high school math and science teachers to help introduce engineering into the science curriculum through the context of the National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenges.  Currently, we work with Science Leadership Academy, Girard Academic Music Program, Central High School and Philadelphia High School for Girls in classes ranging from physics to environmental science. As part of this year-long program, the graduate students and teachers designed year-long projects for their high school classrooms around the Grand Challenges involving Energy, including but not limited to Making Solar Energy Economical and Managing the Nitrogen Cycle. High school math and science teachers are invited to attend and learn about these projects completed by high school students and also attend workshops to learn how to do these same kinds of activities in their own classrooms.  On top of the year-long projects, the program also includes individual activities that connect engineering and the curriculum, so even if teachers are not necessarily interested in long-term projects workshops will be available on short-term activities as well.

Please contact Jessica Ward at for questions or concerns.