Integration of the NAE Grand Challenges

The Grand Challenges for Engineering were identified by a diverse panel of leading technical experts from around the world convened by the National Academy of Engineering (NAE), at the request of the NSF. The panel developed a list of 14 challenges and opportunities for engineering facing those born around the world at the dawn of this new century. These challenges will be used as the technical focus of the proposed program as a contextual vehicle for learning math and science as well as for graduate training.   The program will serve the graduate Fellows in developing their presentation, leadership, and classroom management skills through the application of their science and engineering knowledge to problems of societal importance while at the same time linking their research to global societal engineering challenges. This, furthermore, serves as an exciting platform on which to build their K-12 student’s interest and together help improve the educational pipeline in areas of national need. The engineering context employed for a particular Fellow/Teacher Team will be selected from among the NAE Grand Challenges noted below.

This year's theme... ENERGY!


The NAE Grand Challenges website notes that, “through the engineering accomplishments of the past, the world has become smaller, more inclusive, and more connected. The challenges facing engineering today are not those of isolated locales, but of the planet as a whole and all the planet’s people.”  For this reason we have chosen to recruit Fellows from all engineering disciplines throughout the College of Engineering given the interdisciplinary nature of the Challenges.